Monthly Archive: February 2016

Feb 13


天文學上重大發現!科學家透過觀察兩個黑洞的碰撞探測到愛因斯坦教授於廣義相對論中預計存在的重力波,而此項發現亦得到著名天文學家霍金教授證實。科學家相信深入了解重力波將有助了解導致宇宙誕生的宇宙大爆炸。 A phenomenal discovery by astronomers! An unseen wave known as gravtitaional wave has been detected by scientists through oberserving the collision of 2 black holes which were more than a billion light-years from Earth, and this detection has been reinforced by Prof. Stephen Hawking. Gravitational wave has been predicted by Prof. Einstein in …

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