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May 20

為紀念Earth Observatory 20年,地球日50周年…

為左紀念Earth Observatory係太空努力工作20年,以及地球日50周年,美國太空總署係4月時舉辦左一個相片比賽。不過尼個比賽唔係俾「地球人」參加,而係俾「外太空」朋友參加架!想知道比賽結果同欣賞吓尼啲外太空相,請click入以下連結細心欣賞啦!…/v…/tournament-earth-2020 To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Earth Observatory, as well as 50th anniversary of Earth Day, NASA held a photo contest in April, and this contest is an absolutely our-of-this-world one! Check out all the stunning outside-Earth’s photos here:…/v…/tournament-earth-2020 Share


May 18


係門口嘅保安攝錄機拍攝到屋企人出出入入好正常啦!但係如果半夜三更同你影低左粒火流星都咪話唔驚喜呀!南卡羅萊納州一個家庭嘅保安攝錄機就係當地時間上星期四半夜為佢哋帶黎尼個驚喜啦! 美國太空總署相信尼粒火流星係源自寶瓶座流星雨。想睇吓尼粒火流星有幾勁?入去尼條連結睇吓啦!…/video-meteor-caught-on-doorbell-c…/… Family doorbell video camera caught sight of a meteor (or I should say a fireball) on last Thursday around mid-night local time at South Carolina. NASA believes that this meteor originates from Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower, which in turn is the debris from the famous Halley’s Comet. Check out the link below …

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