Monthly Archive: September 2020

Sep 28


黎緊中秋長假期,陰陰沈沈無月睇,不如一齊整座食得嘅望遠鏡呀!又睇得,又食得,又用得(應該),真係一次過滿足哂3個願望呀! Check out this video of telescope production with chocolate! See if you are skillful enough to make one! Share


Sep 18


之前有報告話係金星大氣中發現有磷化氫(PH3)。係地球上嘅自然情況下,磷如果要以化合物型態出現嘅話,通常會係以氧化物型式出現。今次嘅發現引起左天文界懷疑:金星尼個「煉獄」其實係咪有班「隱世」微生物居住緊呢?大家對於金星可能有生命點睇法?不如俾吓意見呀! 想睇清楚啲先?可以到以下連結睇吓架: The discovery of phosphine (PH3), a phosphours compound which should normally exist in oxidised form, on Venus hit the Astronomical World. Heated discussion on whether live exists on Venus was also brought forward. What do you think about this discovery? Let‘s throw your ideas. Wanna know more? Check it out from this link: …

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