May 20

為紀念Earth Observatory 20年,地球日50周年…

為左紀念Earth Observatory係太空努力工作20年,以及地球日50周年,美國太空總署係4月時舉辦左一個相片比賽。不過尼個比賽唔係俾「地球人」參加,而係俾「外太空」朋友參加架!想知道比賽結果同欣賞吓尼啲外太空相,請click入以下連結細心欣賞啦!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Earth Observatory, as well as 50th anniversary of Earth Day, NASA held a photo contest in April, and this contest is an absolutely our-of-this-world one!
Check out all the stunning outside-Earth’s photos here:


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