Mar 25

EHT Collabration再為大家送上新發現,就係一張全新嘅黑洞相 …

EHT Collabration再為大家送上新發現,就係一張全新嘅黑洞相!繼2019年首次拍攝到第一張黑洞相後,今次尼一張黑洞相可以俾天文學家測量黑洞邊緣內磁力線嘅分佈。更多相關資料可以係EHT Collaboration嘅網頁睇到:


A new view of the Black Hole at the centre of M87 has been captured again by The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration. Since the first photo taken in 2019, scientists have been working round the clock to gain a better understanding of how the black hole is like. With polarisation, scientists can now map the magnetic field lines that are present at the inner edge of the black hole so as to gain a better understanding of how this massive object can launch energetic jets from its core.More information of this discovery can be found on the website of EHT Collaboration:



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